Off for some days, don't know how long

Blazing Heat

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Alright, I won't be able to play a lot on this holiday, since we got a new comp and no DoD:s yet, it is in the other comp, which now lags internet connection. I might persuade the owner of this comp, my big brother to let me install it here, but I know he won't. So untill my internet connection problem with other comp is fixed I won't be playing.

Kamakize Tommy

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I had a dlink router that was doing that. I had to replace it to get a steady connection.
yea i hd the same prob with my router but affter hours o fiddling i fixed it!


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Well i am atemting to get on but my stupid internet is buggy... I think i was on with EE and hugo when poof! there goes my internet... Gotta get a new modem...