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Well i might get a new graphics card right... But my dad wants to know if it holds any memory or not... I am not a computer wiz so bare with me here... Were do you find the information to see what is going on with the card already in my tower? %-6
A quick way to get info:
start > run: "dxdiag" and click on the "display" tab.

For more detailed info, start> program files > accessories > system tools > system info. dxdiag is probably fine for your purposes, but this is good to know.

Also, I don't know of a single video card that doesn't have some memory on it.

Good luck :)
Todays video all have memory on them. The tool that Winterfell gave you should give you more information then you need :) Remember more is better.
If by "holding" memory you mean being able to upgrade it / put more on you can't. Video cards have a fixed amount of very fast memory that can never be swapped. Typical higher-end cards have 512mb of memory. If you have a card in mind for DoD:S post it here and I should be able to help you out more.
In the old days (remember the Mach 32 and 64?) a few vid cards were socketed allowing the user to increase memory at their own expense by purchasing and adding vid ram themselves.

However that added cost of empty sockets and open engineering of firmware design, thus they closed the door of user expansion and made the cards non-upgradeable.

On their part it was more of a business move since if you want more vid memory, you have to buy another card - they make more money.
Well i have found that i need more ram so im seeting my sites on that... I only have .5 gigs... I know...
buying a 512mb video card is usualy youre best bet because when loading a game with a 256mg video card it uses all the memory and then it uses computer memory.. where as in a 512 mb when loading a game theres no need to use computer memory... or so i heard from an ati sales person
Yeah, Christian, they were just trying to get you to spend more money. A 256MB Video card is probably as much as you will need for DoD:S. But also, you must take into account that the VideoRam really isn't what a videocard is all about, yes having dedicated VideoRAM is a good thing, but you really want to look at the GPU (Graphics Prossessing Unit) for example the Videocard I am running right now, An Nvidia GeForce4 Ti 4600 with 128MB of RAM, is not the same as a umm... well a better one with the same amount of RAM, I guess what I am trying to say here, is Videocards try and sell you on the amount of VideoRAM they have, but one with more RAM is not nessicarily better than one with a better GPU, but in your case, A card with about 256MB of RAM is probably fine. just for Perspective, My computer has 512 MB of RAM and I am running a 4 year old Card with 128MB of VideoRAM and I am playing DoD:S fine. so really what it comes down to is how much you want to spend. BTW, this post is just about compleatly unreadable and I don't blame you if you haven't gotten this far. and if you have, then Bravo, now forget everything I just told you.