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Jack Rot

I know you guys have been waiting for this one, i think last time i posted it was the fretboard by itself, but this time i have a picture of it re-attatched with the neck its from a frontal angle, looks kinda nice, not to clear of an image but hopefully its good enough, now with the new year comming hopefuly ill be starting on the body, i already have the wood :)


For those of you that didnt catch it before


Oh and that you guys for being so interested in it :D
Very funky! You are probably the only guy that will be able to find his axe during a power failure!
Will the LCD lights simply go into the amp with the cord? or will it need to be but in an outlet also? (that mite not be a good thing becasue then you limit your length of mobility)
what? steve vai sucks, i actually got the idea from the bassist of limp bizkit years ago, i saw he had red LED's, and im on a project guitar forum and the people help you out if youre building something, they give you the methods, tutorials...and tips
acutally the knobs would be cool, the pickups would be over doing it, lol, and yea man steve vai is crap, so what if he can do solo's..? that doesnt make real music i can make music from my computer thats better than his crap, just dont challenge me musically, back off, lol :)
can you actually play any of the challenging Vai stuff? how about Yngwie? Satriani? or is that not challenging enough?
can you sweep-tap? !mistrust
i can tap yes, and the stuff they play sucks, lol. get over them man theyre just guitar players, who the hell cares about sweeping?
sweep-tap is a combination of sweeping and tapping, so if you know them separately, it's still not the same thing. but you're right, who cares about evolving guitar skills - learn to play some green day and stay that way forever :) yeay! three chords, here i come!

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