... i dont like christmas music now!


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that is evil :(


OMG MY VOLUME WAS ALL THE WAY UP AND I WAS IN FRONT OF MY COMP SCREEN!!!!!!!! (like 2 centimeters away)!!!


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Are you trying to kill! me!!!!!!!!!!!!! its freaking 12:30 and you scared the crap out of me... zeez... talk about your epileptic sezure...


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didnt get me....lol i saw that on ebaums and it about made me crap myself...as sson as i opened this link up i was ooo nooo, not this! lol


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lol amazing. well this forum post has to get deleted before we actually loose a clan member. Someone could be literally scared to death by this. i scared the crap out of my sister it was amazingly funny!!!
there is a bit of wee in my pants now lol jk jk
u get fun of seeing ppl suffer...................... u sick man lol :) another jk jk jk