[poll] Whatcha Get For Christmas!


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hey what did u guys get for Christmas? hmm?

i looted $250, $65 gift card to Best Buy, $50 Simon Gift Card, $20 gift card to some ice cream place, Logitech G15 Keyboard, Razer Copperhead mouse, like 3825673927 stuf from American Eagle and Areopostale. And....ehh.......O a Bluetooh head set, and case for the phone, and car adapter....yeah...

So...what u guys get? haha !lol
Hmm. One of my better gifts was a commodore 64 (surprised I got it--most of my family freaks out if I even give a URL, let alone say "go to ebay"). It works, have some interfacing problems I'm hoping I can resolve once stores open again after christmas, but I'm happy with it :)

Worst one? A book called "WebMage." Somehow it combines magic and programming and some hacker kid has to stop his grandmother, a fate, from putting a spell program that would remove free will from humans on the server that rules destiny. Needless to say, I won't be reading it :)
Hey im new btw.

i got a new cell phone, some San Diego Chargers stuff(football fans) and some gift cards

wow, u cashed in DyeMatrix
I got a trip to Mammoth from my wife :)

So did most of my family :)

I love my wife, but I wish she would be willing to let me game more :)
oo and i got some aviators..some sweet ones, i look

[]D [] []V[] []D in em

and my family bought a 65" plasma hehe, my dad got a promotion on his job, so he briggin in the dough. i will share with the eGO family
yeah but i would ned SLI on the TV though, thats big bucks. Already have it on the computer but i never use it anyways. Some guys are here right now pro gramming this remote for the TV......We bought like a 200 $ remote and we have to hire people to program it...hahaha said it would take them about 4 hours to do it lol, and its their job to do it. how would you like that for a job? So what do you do? .....well im a uh... i program remotes for peoples TV
I knew i will get an xbox 360 for about 3 months befor cristmass, but i got one and i got, Call of duty 3, Gears of War, Maddin 07, Battle Feald 2 Modern Combat, and about 3 other games but im too lazy to typem. Well i hope everyone got somthing good, Happy Holidays!
yeh i got 360 gears of war,call of duty 3, xboxlive gold 12 months, wireless g network for 360 and thats it :) oh yeh 100 bucks :) ;) :D :D !lol :D !lol :D !lol