Deleted Golden wrench


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Lucky, I know that sucks that he got hacked, but lucky two golden wrench's I cant even get one. They should make stuff like that undelete-able so the only way to get rid of it is to trade it.


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That is what should be done, but obviously Valve NEVER does anything the people want (with the exeptions of comunity weapons)

The Wrench Should go to some meaningful engies, or atlead be like the Service away, where you needed to access a certain page.

Something that requires skill, not this weird drop system, which, BTW, Is mapped to TIME!!!! not random, and by minutes not seconds.

I have some times ive mapped out, give or take 2-3 minutes (first one was about 1 minutes flat) Check out my thread, ive calculated 2 others.

Anyway, it needs to have some skill to it!!!

ALSO! The second link you got (ToastYEAH) hacked the wrench to appear, and caused that bug that robbin had to delay the wrench for.

You can tell i want this wrench ;)
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There's actually 4 wrenches that have been removed from people. All 4 of those guys got VAC banned.

So wrenches #1, #36, #58 and #60 dont exist anymore. Check for those. Cross-reference the people on the list and their wrench numbers with those numbers. They dont match.


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More odd wrench info:

Wrench #1 exists, but is now on the #2 guy (according to tf2items)
Wrench #36 does not exist.
Wrench #48 does not exist.
There are two (2) #50 wrenches.
Wrench #58 (originally Drunken f00l's) exists on another person.
Same as ^ with wrench #60.
Wrench #68 does not exist
There are two (2) #71 wrenches.
First #71 wrench dropped before wrenches #69 and #70.

Currently, there has been 78 wrench drops, where as the counter as the engineer update page says 74.


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Ya, good for him, its great that that got rectified.

Still, matter is, that Wrenchs are a now greater annoyance, since it was basically all fixed.