1 year with the clan

Wow i can't believe it. 1 whole year i've been in eGO, and so far it's the best clan out there. But yet it's more htan a clan it's a community of awesome poeple. Thanks guys for the fun and the many years to come. :)

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Glad I could help. Now where is the 100 bucks you owe every member since you've been in for 1 year now? ;)


I'm waiting for mine. Just having difficultios to contribute nowadays but it's only for summer. I love eGO and will be back and rocking after my summer job at Nokia.
Is nothing but a pebble in a pond brother, before you know it you be saying wow it is been 2 years already!?!?!?!



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Congrats dude! My time in eGO seems like nothing when I see all the year-based awards. I'm still 7+ months from my first one :p