Bad Company 2 Gets Stats and Maps!


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EdgeGamers is proud to bring you personalized stats for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. For the first time in Battlefield history get HLStats-esque stat tracking across all =(eGO)= Bad Company 2 servers. We're one of the very first communities to take advantage of this sevice and we thank GameMe for providing the stat tracking. You can check your stats out here:

Bad Company fans still have more reason to rejoice, EA/DICE has unexpectedly released a new Map Pack adding Rush mode to Atacama Desert and Conquest to Port Valdez. Hop on our servers to check them out! For those who can't wait or who haven't gave in and bought the game yet, check out some gameplay action showing off the new maps:

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EGO Is My Life!
The game looks like a movie, no way I could run itXD If I could run it, I would have it but unfortunately I just get to admire the gameplay videos.


My stats are currently flawed do to Altec's antics of killing me one to many time :).

But it certainly is an amazing feature.


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i think its just me at :53 that gun i think all dust covers go on the right side of the gun and the bullets eject to the right unless your left handed just sayin