Got my four year award today


Poster Extraordinaire
Congrats slayr and thanks for all the hard work you have put into eGO over the 4 years.


Poster Extraordinaire
Way to go slayr357! You have done a great job. Keep it up.
You don't look a day over three!!!;)


Holy Cow! Congratulations. That is an incredible accomplishment. I hope to read your memoirs? someday. Congratulations to EdgeGamers too for having you for these 4 years.


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Slayr is awesome! He's a 2Fort regular and one of the great eGO players whose cool and collected demeanor (read that as lack of the "we're better than you" attitude you get from most clans) convinced me to give this community a shot. As I moved into the admin ranks I realized he's a great, no-nonsense admin and someone who definitely leads by example.

Congrats Slayr357.