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Hi first i'm gonna tell you my problem, then all my specs are gonna be listed at the bottom. I Just didn't know how to find out what motherboard i have. I Have a Decent Computer made by ASUS, and lately I've been having crashes, and my CPU Temp would go above normal. Also my GPU Temp would go above normal as well. My computer is only about 1 month old, and i'm scared and would be very upset if my computer would die on me. The first week having the pc i put in a video card, and at first it was fine then at this time as we speak i'm having problems. I Can play Battlefield Bad Company 2 very good. No Video lag at all. But I've had around 3-4 crashes, and it's on low settings....So what should i doo.. Will it affect my pc to survive longer, or it's normal when playing games. Also i just recently found out i have no fans at all. The only fan i have is a CPU Fan and thats it.....

Browsing internet, using msn, and xfire, and steam it's at -

32C System

Thats how it is right now as we speak...

Playing Battlefield Bad Company 2

42C System

To be honest i have no clue if thats normal or not normal. But it only happens when i play for 3 hours straight

My Computer Spec's -

Processor: Intel Core i5 650 @ 3.20GHz
Motherboard: all it says in CPU-Z is that it's Intel Chipset, and Southbridge Intel H55
Memory RAM: 8GB of DDR3 RAM
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 9500GT 1GB DDR2 RAM
PSU: 400W

Need any more info let me know. If you can help me and give me suggestions and just tell me what my situation is that would be great. Thanks!!


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That's actually very good temperatures. Are you sure your GPU is only at 48c when playing BC2? It's normal for it to get as high as 80c and still be very stable.

Judging from those temps, you have nothing to worry about.

Edit: BC2 crashing on you is normal as well. Thousands of people have problems with the game crashing occasionally.
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