Keep A Look Out


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Incident this morning....

*** Snickers (Ger) killed ๖ۣۜDen ๖ۣۜLanckriet [be
] snot team kill Magicmoment
*** WeZ killed San
*** killer killed <UAB> wilduck
*** =(eG)= kYuKi killed Delta71
* =(eG)= kYuKi =(eG)= kYuKi (1,516) got 3 points for killing Delta71 (929)
*** killer killed magicmoment
(Team) <UAB> wilduck: bora jogar vikings???
*** ๖ۣۜDen ๖ۣۜLanckriet [be killed =(eG)= kYuKi
*DEAD* * =(eG)= kYuKi ๖ۣۜDen ๖ۣۜLanckriet [be (877) [24/50] got 2 points for killing =(eG)= kYuKi (1,514
*** =(eG)= kYuKi killed InVaDeR
*DEAD* * =(eG)= kYuKi =(eG)= kYuKi (1s for killing InVaDeR (990) [8/50]
*** Snickers (Ger) killed ๖ۣۜDen ๖ۣۜLanckriet [be
*** San killed <UAB> wilduck
*** Snickers (Ger) killed WeZ
*DEAD* (Team) <UAB> wilduck: ol
*** [SpawnProtection] you will be spawn protected for 5 seconds
*** <UAB> wilduck killed San
] sm_csay stop intentional team killing, now
*** [SpawnProtection] spawn protection is now off..
*** Snickers (Ger) killed killer
*** San killed =(eG)= kYuKi
*DEAD* * =(eG)= kYuKi San lost -25 points (957) for team-kil<UAB> wilduck killed San
*** ๖ۣۜDen ๖ۣۜLanckriet [be killed Snickers (Ger)
*** [STK] San has 1 out of the 5 TKs needed to be kicked.
*** [STK] =(eG)= kYuKi did not forgive San for tking.
I didn't get their steam ID's in time, but just keep a look out. It was at the end of the round and by the time I brought console up, they left.
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And, I had another one.... where are the morning admin birds when you need them lol...


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] sm_csay stop intentional team killing, now
kyuki I taught you better, I dont know if you payed attention but i specifically said you use csay ONLY in heated situations, and, another thing, where is your politeness, where is the Please and Thank you which I told you to always put?