TF2 won't let me join any servers anymore :(


I installed a skin pack for TF2 that replaces the BLU team with green team and now every time I try and join a server I get this "Disconnect: sv_consistancy is enforcing the file: Particles/water_dx80.pcf" It's on Dx8 for my laptop to get playable framerate, PC has no internet ATM. Any ideas on what to do, I didn't back up my game files so I'll have to wait until later to copy my tf2 files from my desktop.


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After doing a search for it in google, about every thread says it's a server side problem and that he server needs to be updated? But all these posts were from last year.


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Im not sure if this is exactly your problem, but with skins, some servers dont allow them and just dont let you join with them with the reason "Enforcing consistency" If its an eGO Server which is having the problem, then its not your skins because eGO Servers allow skins and dont block them.

So your best bet, remove the skins and see if it works.

For all I know this might be solved by now so thats my thoughts.