What is your favorite eGO server and why?


Hey guys, What is your favorite server? (It doesent need to be CSS) Do you like Jail1? Jail2? I would like to know :D


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Blackmesa, since everybody seems to always be in a good mood and there are always admins to control the game. Plus the map is awesome!


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Either of the Jails, They both have the same gameplay and the maps on both are pretty good so I pick Jail in General


I really like the office server on CSS
For tf2 probably egypt
Haven't played dods in a while but I have always really enjoyed those


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That's the server our event server is disguising itself as, since we play that at lots of our events now... only a matter of time before it takes over assault.

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I can't decide between 2fort and Blackmesa. Blackmesa is fun and well-regulated, and 2fort is good ol' instaspawn vanilla gameplay.


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TF2 - Turbine. To this day, not sure why.

INS - I think Baghdad? It's the one in the city, where sniping off balconys gets good.

CSS - Assault. I have a lot of fun playing it with Zoomer.

DoD - Avalanche or flash. No scoping either way