Insurgency Total Warfare!


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Hello and Welcome To…

Insurgency Total Warfare!


The Realism Event for Insurgency!

I would first like to start off with a story to go along with this.

As the war continues to blaze on in Iraq the US marines continue to fight the good fight!
However there are many places not safe for Marines to step foot on, those locations include: Sinjar, Haditha, and the Insurgents hidden underground base to the North, Titled by the Marines as, Tunnel Rats.

The second thing is the ever raging battles in: Shulah, Baghdad, and the newly attacked American Base! The wars seem to be never ending and if the Marines do not succeed soon the Insurgents may find the opportunity to organize a full out strike and wipe out what’s left of the Marines.

You must complete your task given to you by your superiors. The calls will be made by the top dogs:


General Of The Army: Death_Blade


Field Marshal: R3D S3RPENT55

These calls can make or break your team, one wrong call from these guys can have you falling back and postponing your victory!

The Rankings For This Event Will Be As Follows:



General Of The Army (1): Death_Blade^

Colonel(1): Gunney

Lieutenant Colonel (2): Ledzo, iSimon

Major (1): Pepper

Captain (2): DigitalDJ, Fransan

1st Lieutenant(2): polar bear

2nd Lieutenant(2): SlipperyCorruptor

Master Sergeant(s):Kenny

Sergeant: cookie|monster|

Corporal: Flamehead17

Private(s): Shell Shocked, Rambo(DK), TheOriginalSilentKiller, The Grand Inn, Lava



Field Marshal (1): R3D S3RPENT55

Colonel(1): Yeti

Lieutenant Colonel (2): Ice Hearted, Burt Reynolds

Major (1): Kyuki

Captain (2): Linus, Mr. Dude

1st Lieutenant(2): ilikepie305, Barmy Army 2008

2nd Lieutenant(2): !EpIc fAiL!, Drunkenfetus

Master Sergeant(s): SgtBeavis52891

Sergeant(s): Gorilla

Corporal(s): Wind

Private First Class: Jason420, Aerostat, Jin-sama, Zeak(DK)

Promotions on these will be decided by your performance in the battles.

This event will run in a push style

Official Map Below

Every 200 KM = 5 days so distance will decide how long between matches!

American Base Will Be Bunker, Distressed American Base Will Be INS_Samwah

One victory will take over the location. After that losing team will no longer control this position. That team will then move back to the next locations, however if they control a base to the side they are being pushed from they must re-organize (at least a 2 day break) and re strike that location and if they lose this attack they can move to either there retreat location or there advance location. For example:

Example Map Below

Light Blue Line = Loss retreat

Green Line = Advance After 2 Day Recovery

Brown Line = Loss Advance

This will be useful when attempting to bypass a bass to assist another. For more information talk to your Team Leader. (Death_Blade^ or R3D S3RPENT55)


1. This is realism try to be as tactical as possible, use what you've learned at RtDriver and JonPaso's classes.

2. There will be a limit to what class you can use.

2 Militants/ Sargent

3 Riflemen

1 Marksmen

1 Support

2 Sapper/ Engineer

1 Grenadier/ RPG

3 You Must Work As A Team

4. Please Show Up For Your Matches 1 Missed Match = Demotion, 2 Missed = Temp Remove From Team

5. Play Fair, No Exploits or Trash Talk. All eGO rules apply.

6 This is Realism Be REAL!

This event consists of two teams!



There is no guarantee that you will get this team as they need to be balanced but it will guide my judgment. Please look at other post and be fair and balanced this event will come with Casino Cash prizes and bragging rights.

Thanks Guys​

To Sign Up Make A Post In The Following Format!​


Team (Marines Or Insurgents):


Logo, By: JoshCash

Ranks And Maps, By: Zeak(DK)
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My god, this sounds so cool.

Name: Wind

Team (Marines Or Insurgents): Insurgents

Timezone: GMT+12/13 (Depending on daylight saving)


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Name: Kenny

Team (Marines Or Insurgents): Marines

Timezone: Central Time Zone (USA/Canada)


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Events Will Very On Times of Attacks, Distance being traveled and stuff, but if you sign up and tell your team leader that you can't make it til tuesday it will be fine.