Prayers would be greatly appreciated

Hey is soccerstud3 (in game: =(e)= ForgottenSoldier1) -- As most of you now I am usually on quite a bit at night and sometimes during the early evening (4pm PST). I haven't been lately due to some set backs.

I have recently found out that my girlfriends grandfather will be passing away via the hospital and recent decisions sometime within the next 2 weeks and he is a very close person to myself as well.

I want everybody to be aware of what can suddenly happen in such a short time. I ask that all those out there that with to put their prayers out there they will all be greatly appreciated.

I will be on every now and then for the next few weeks and hopefully more as the month comes to an end.

Thank you all so much for a great gaming and especially a great community experience. -- See you all on the battlefield!


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I'm all too familiar with what can change in a short time. It's happened twice in the past 4 months.


Hopefully he will be alright, take care bro


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I will make sure to say a prayer for you and the family. It's always a tough experience to go through, but you'll get through it.


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You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers in this time of need. I wish you all the best, and a peaceful passing of your girlfriends' grandfather.