These weapons rock!


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As the title says poeple. Anyways, I found the Frontier Justice Twice and I farmed with my bro and we both got the Wrangler (which kicks major butt!) and the Gunslinger.

I managed to rack up 28 kills with one sentry, which got destoryed...then somehow I ended up with 54 crits for the FJ....thats why it's awesome. The crits will go away if you run out or if you die. :) Yeah I know it's over powered.

The Wrangler is pretty good to being an Offenseive Engineer (which you can now do with the Gunslinger) and it's a pretty good sniping tool. Pretty good for picking people off at far MAY know about this :p

And lastly the's ok for being an offensive Engie...but other than that I personally don't use it. Great weapon for a melee fight though!

What are your guys' thoughts on the new Engie weapons?


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They look cool from videos I've seen. Can't play until Tuesday so I'll give a fuller comment then


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I like them, and the new added pick up your old stuff is very helpful. But yet on turbine i see 10 engineers building level 3 sentry's at spawn then bringing them out. But all out i love this update.

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I imagine the Sentry Walker ability will be nerfed soon, but it so changes the dynamic of the game in awesome, awesome ways.

(Nerf suggestions which are not fail: Make packing up equipment take a small period of time, say 2 seconds, where you are not allowed to move. Note I did not say CAN'T MOVE. Once you hit "pick up," you can look around to protect yourself, but if you take a step in any direction the "pack up" undoes. Also, the equipment is inactive while packing.)

The Mini-Sentries are also awesome, for the same reason. Don't know how many times I got killed against those Mini-Sentries. The damage nerf and health nerf seems strong until you face them.

And I love the Frontier Justice. I don't think it's seriously overpowered. It's still a shotgun; the pellets may crit but if you're not shoving the gun into somebody's back it's not that bad. You've gotta wait for your sentry to die to get the crits, so if you're around your sentry and you die as well, too bad. I like it because it encourages Engineers to range away from their equipment. Because they now get a plus (crits) in addition to the minus (loss of sentry) if they step away.
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Yea, the only problem with the new shotty is the other team wasn't destroying my sentry!!!! I had to beg my friend to destroy it so I could get my crit boost (which I then almost killed her with while retreating :p )
The sentry sniping across the map is quite OP, especially if there is a long, narrow corridor. If you have two engineers and dispensers on the sentry now, there is no chance of getting to it through the 2 fort sewers or similar locations.


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The wrangler is deffinitely OP in my opinion, they need to add falloff over distance (or more if there already is). As it is now, my sentry on our battlements of A in mesa can easily lockdown 80% of A, and with newb helping me, we can easily lock down all of it.
I like them. Makes me want to play Engi more than i used to. And there is an advantage that if you get in a pinch and your sentry has racked up some kills, destroy the sentry then pull out the Frontier Justice and pew pew.

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People are trying to use the gunslinger all wrong, what your supposed to do is drop it next to you in a big battle while your shotgunning people, it adds to your damage, but isn't the main source of it.

It's for the battle engineers.


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the engy update changed the whole game. basecamping now is way harder. once you and your team dont pay attention to your spawn youll find 4 level 3 sentries right outside your base. it can be frustrating taking them down but i like it. all this stuff increases the teamwork.


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I wish i could use these but i wont be able to play until L8T saturday night or sunday afternoon. Fortunately i have to friends who will farm with me. Also does anyone mind telling me which weapon has the guitar taunt kill?