The Good Ol' Days


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Just saw this pic and man did it bring me back to when I was young. Back when my imagination would take over and the fun would begin. Now my imagination gets me into trouble at work. "Stop day dreaming" is what I hear now...

LoL I was just day dreaming a bit there. But anyways I would like to hear of the things you use to do when you where young. I remember playing hot lava and stuff, but what is some of the unique activity you did when you where young?

I remember when I was young I use to use the my parents dinning room table as my tank. Weird I know but I had it all set up with a flipping the front chair and two side chairs on there side. Using them as gun turret. I also set up a few light brights under there set up as like displays/radar. Also had a few tennis rackets under there as last resort rifles for when my imaginary evil doer over took my tank.

Oh man good times good times.

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Well. When I was younger, we made fortresses and battled each other (my brothers and friends). There was usually 10 of us. My fortresses (my brother was the king.) Was usually named Fort Awesomness (strange, yes) The other fort was usually named Fort Awesomeer (we were very creative). We have lightsabers, swords, guns, gernades, handcuffs, and just about any weapon you could think of (ofcourse, they were all fake.) Our forts were made from blankets, pillows, and the chairs in my basement. We would throw pillows and projectiles at each other and would have a blast. Now when I try to do that, my gf calls me a weirdo...but then soon joins us. :p