Science: Discovery Helps Researchers Close In on HIV Vaccine

Frank Booth

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For the medical and biology geeks out there some interesting news.

(July 8) -- American scientists are touting a major stride toward a vaccine that can ward off HIV, after finding two key proteins that neutralize 91 percent of the virus' 190 strains.
This is the amazing part. One person developed antibodies.

The discovery, published in this week's Science, is courtesy of Donor 45, an unidentified African-American man whose body produced the antibodies, called VRC01 and VRC02.

Mayhem Death

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Wow. Thank god for that man. He is a hero to all HIV patients out there. For that whoever you are, we thank you.


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Thats awesome!

The one guy, thats freakin evolution right there.(Science lession incoming:) If this were back in the dumb days, he would survive to reproduce more and his offspring as well. I hope this works out to cure it once and for all.