The best little update in Texas 7-9-10


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Updates to Team Fortress 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Team Fortress 2
Fixed an exploit that allowed Engineers to build level 2/3 mini sentries.
Fixed a bug that allowed sapped buildings to be picked up by the Engineer
Fixed a bug where Wrangled level 3 sentryguns would still fire rockets when they were out of ammo.
Fixed a bug where players would go into reference poses when switching classes while carrying a building.
Fixed seeing the changeclass label in the spectator HUD when using cl_hud_minmode.
The amount of revenge crits a player can have at one time is now capped at 35.
The Wrangler no longer shows the shotgun's ammo count.
Engineers can no longer pick up buildings while stunned or in loser state.
Fixed Engineer shotgun and piston not using team skins for the Engineer's arms.
Fixed an issue where Wrangled sentrygun effects wouldn't be attached to the sentrygun.
The Gunslinger 3 hit combo now only increments the combo count when hitting enemy players.
Fixed a crash in the control point progress bar.
Fixed a server crash in the player death code, related to building carrying.
Fixing performance spikes that occur at round start, and after each point capture, when TFBots are present in the server.
Achievement fixes:
The "Rio Grind" achievement limit is now correctly set to 50.
Fixed a typo in Six-String Stinger achievement name.
Fixed a bug in the "Death Metal" achievement that caused it to rapidly complete itself.
Fixed getting the Six-String Stinger achievement without playing the guitar.
Fixed sentrygun detection code in "Best Little Slaughterhouse in Texas" and "Deputized".​
Missed notes from yesterday's release:
New response rules and sounds added for some classes​
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That the revenge crits are now capped at 35 is too bad, but I think that it's a lofty enough number that it doesn't change much.


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YEEEEES! wait, no more 2/3 mini SGs with infinite rockets??? Aww

PS: i know that they are considered expliots, im jk :p


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Fixed a bug in the "Death Metal" achievement that caused it to rapidly complete itself.
I had it displayed on HUD, saw it going quickly. Even if you didn't need metal, it counted it when you walked over metal. I got the ach. then ;]