TF2 FPS Locking down.


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First off, System Specs

CPU: Intel Q9550 E0
Motherboard: Asus P5Q Deluxe
Memory: Corsair Dominator 4x2GB 1066
Graphics Card: Sapphire 4870x2
Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
Sound Card: Asus D2X
Power Supply: Corsair HX750
Case: Silverstone FT01-BW
CPU cooling: TRUE Black Push|Pull
GPU cooling: Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 4870x2
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Monitor: Acer P235H

TF2, as of the Engineer update, has been locking up after about an hour of gameplay. However it isn't a total lock down. My FPS gets capped at about 10-15 FPS, and never returns to normal. However, according to MSI afterburner overlay, my 4870x2 clocks are still at stock 750/900 and do not drop, and both cores show usage (which normally hovers around 40%, and remains so after the locking).

I've googled around, and come up with nothing. Hoping you guys could help me :(

Thanks in Advance


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ok tf2 is doing major up dates you might need update drivers and or you might to go into game properties and verify game cache... sounds like an update was bad. This process will reinstall any bad files.


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*Sigh* verifying game cache seems to be what people jump to

Here's what I would try:

Run TF2 on the lowest graphics settings. See if the fps drops. If it doesn't, keep increasing it until it's normal. At some point, you may notice it beginning to lock. It may be one one certain aspect is locking you up


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It could be unoptimized engine updates. The Engie class update is the biggest, and that means the most potential problems. Just wait for a patch, it should be cleared up.


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@Storm: Everything is verified... actually did two sweeps of verification just to be sure, just completed another one, says its 100% verified and fine.

@iSimon: Yea that crossed my mind, but since it takes up to an hour ingame... yucky graphics are bad :( (but quite easily the easiest way to find the problem)

#Phobus: Ironically I just woke up and steam got a TF2 update fixing some things with the engi update... here's to hoping they covered me :D

@ all three of you, thank you, I'll be trying out the settings thing later... thanks for taking the time to post, really appreciate it :)