Case fan not responding to throttling


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I bought a new case fan, this one to be exact. (Delta AFB1212GHE 120x38mm Rev. C Grand High Speed)

I have another case fan that fluctuates from 1000-1500 RPM as needed, however, this new one sits at 5000 RPM.

Too much, too loud, overkill.

It has a 4pin connector for power and 3 pin for RPM readings. The RPM readings work (as far as I can tell - if it dropped to 60% RPM it should be audibly quieter), so is there any reason why the fan is not responding to the lower RPM requests? I tried using Speedfan to control it. Speedfan said the fan was running at 60% but it was still at 5000 RPM.

I'm going to order a fan controller since I really like the fan, but any help in the meantime would be appreciated.


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Sorry. I appreciate the attempt to help, but I don't think my other specs are relevant. I'm pretty sure something is wrong with the fan - same plug on motherboard, one fan has variable RPM while the other blasts away at 100% RPM - but I thought maybe I'm missing something.

Update. Here's the answer I got when I emailed the store:

Of course it will not respond to RPM throttling, unless you changed the wire configuration on it. Just hooking the little 3-pin header up to a fan controller or motherboard with one blue wire in it (which is only for the tach sensor) will not have the ability to adjust the fan speed. You would need to hook all three wires up to a controller or motherboard header.
But, if you do so, you will blow the channels, as this particular fan pulls far too much power for 99% of fan controllers on the market.
Answer: get a controller.
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