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" Thank you for participating in the FINAL FANTASY XIV beta test.

We are pleased to announce the commencement date for the FINAL FANTASY XIV beta test.

Beta Test Start Date: Saturday, July 10, 2010"

Look like they're starting it again after the alpha.

I didnt have much time to play the alpha, maybe I should get more time during the beta.

Anyone esle got in?


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Well, I was logged in for about 30 minutes and I found it really just dreadful. I put 1300 hours into FFXI and this interface is just as clunky and complicated as FFXI. I didn't like the attack bar, the ambient lighting, the inventory screen is a total mess, interaction is... ugh

not to mention I was a dragoon in FFXI and I played lancer in this beta, my first fight on an easy mob? miss.... miss.... miss.....

*sigh*, and not even a bard to lift my spirits


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How about stop making crappy MMORPGS with Final Fantasy tagged on it and make something more worthwile, like a Kingdom hearts sequel


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At the moment FFXIV has gotten so many bad reviews from payers currently in beta or were in alpha saying that the game play was just flat out boring. Such a let down because this may actually be the actual base for the game for the finished version.