Science: Fatal Insomnia

Frank Booth

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This is a very interesting disease. Rather newly documented and researched. All i have to say is value your sleep.

And i leave you with some Cervantes from "Don Quixote":


"I don't know what that is," said Sancho; "all I know is that so long as I am asleep I have neither fear nor hope, trouble nor glory; and good luck betide him that invented sleep, the cloak that covers over all a man's thoughts, the food that removes hunger, the drink that drives away thirst, the fire that warms the cold, the cold that tempers the heat, and, to wind up with, the universal coin wherewith everything is bought, the weight and balance that makes the shepherd equal with the king and the fool with the wise man. Sleep, I have heard say, has only one fault, that it is like death; for between a sleeping man and a dead man there is very little difference."


Poster Extraordinaire
gar something is wrong

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and i actually wanted to see this because one of my friends has insomnia