Straightening Processor Pins


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Typing from am iPhone so if anything looks insane please blame autocorrect.

Anyone have any advice on straightening pins on a processor? I think one of tue outside rows is just slightly off. Not tue whole row but at least half of it, and probably the same pons in the row behind it as well. I really don't want to drop some more coin just to replace an otherwise perfect unit.

I could do this easily if it was just one pin that was bent, but this seems to be a few. Any advice on identifying maladjusted pins and correcting them?

Any tips to exclude going insane will be given top priority.


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I think it was when a friend attempted to remove the heatsink. I'm not sure on the specifics except that somehow the processor does not fall into place and my first guess is that sufficient force was applied at some point to cause that to happen.

As for tweezers, I don't own a pair tiny enough to reach only one select pin at a time.


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Do you have a mechanical pencil? A .5, to be specific?
Just pop out the lead, and put the pin inside the pencil, and SLOWLY bend it back into place, but DO NOT bend it too far.