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I was playing on tf2_walkway_rc2 to get some practice backstabbing... since I'm the worst spy ever. Has anyone seen the "easter egg" on that map? if you get 200 kills a room opens that you can get into (below where the bots fly off to their death)

It made me laugh... a lot.


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Haha, it took me awhile to try and get to Hoovy. What are the other ones? I only know of those and the "Most Endangered Species" Button. Is the 253 door one???


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There's Hoovy, The Pyro Overlord (aka the worst tauntkill you'll EVER take), and the Spycrab button.

But that's all I'll say without giving them away :D


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There are loads of easter eggs on that map, but im sure you don't need 200 kills to open that room.