Admin.... *sigh*

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I find it funny that whenever a T has a LR that he/she does not like (admin), kill's him/ herself. FRAP I FIND DOES IT THE MOST! lol :p

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Easy words to say when he does. He fails at completing them. Don't blame him. He is just scared. Lol.


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It's not against the rules to do this.
Plus octotag and ct trivia fails
No one was saying it was against the rules.

I tend to do it if I ever make it to LR because I hate making people wait and id rather get a new round going.

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I'd like to take a moment to quote killroy on his own signature...

"Winners train losers complain!"

*psst* take your own advice

Fail LRs are fail and people will always suicide including admins :p


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I don't really hate any LRs, I always like to do an LR (either T or CT).

But it sucks when there's like 2 CTs to do and lr with.
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