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<div style="width: 500px; text-align: center" align="center">We are going to be having four weeks of map trials for our instant respawn (Colmar) server to find which map will stay permanently for the server!

We will use the top four most voted on maps, one for each week of the trial. At the end of the four weeks, we will reconvene here in the forums to decide which will find its new permanent home on our instant respawn server.

These map trials will be starting on Tuesday, July 13th
Server IP:

Here were the top four maps that you voted on:

Week 1: Sora

Week 2: Caen

Week 3: Argentan

Week 4: Anzio

So, hop in the server each week, try out the maps, then tell us what you like best!</div>

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I like Caen, Sora, and Anzio for a few reasons.

Sora: the map looks bright and may set the mood for people and its new.
Caen: Know a lot of history about it and have seen World War 2 footage of it.
Anzio: Classic map very good and balanced for all classes.


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I don't even have to play,

1. Caen
2. Anzio
3. Argentan
4. Sora

I LOVE CAEN OMG!!! More than Kalt.. and that's like, a lot of love :drool::facewall:


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sound great! I hope either anzio or argentan make it, both great maps! I see both have alot of players in other servers - I go back to the grind stone next at 50-60 work weeks so I wont be much help but will play when I can...


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hey its 13th july........... where is the darn map change xD
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