EGO Is My Life!
Hey guys Ill have to be away for several days ( :( ) Ill have to pack my PC today for Cargo and I'm flying out in 3 days (Thursday) back to Bulgaria. The first thing that I'm going to do there is make sure I get some internetz back up and set up my PC again :) So while I'm gone I don't want any of meh students to pull more crap :D. Anyways yeah <3 y'all and Ill be back soon. Ill still be online for several hours hopefully so I'm still around. :p
but yeah cookies and <3 to all while im gone.


EGO Is My Life!
Don't go being an extremist and blowing up the plane... its real life, not a video game.


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You coming over Europe permanently? Give me your US Green Card, I will give you my EU Blue Card :) l?l