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Hey Guys,

Spilt water on my old school Logitech G15 the other night during a heated match on DOD:S Flash (lol). Anyway, I am a Logitech fanatic but I've been looking into Razers line of keyboards lately and I'm kind of torn, so before I make a purchase I'd like to get some more insight then what a lot of online retailer websites have to offer.

Just to keep it simple, does anyone here have the newer Logitech G15 keyboard? Did you own the older one before? What are your thoughts specifically on the LCD screen functionality and that less than preferred orange color?

Any Razer owners out there? Did it take you very long to adapt to the flat surface keys versus a more traditional style keyboard?

Everything else about these boards are pretty much irrelevant since I don't tend to use all of these other misc keys/buttons but the macro keys do come in handy.

Let me know what you think!


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I had the Razer Lycosa for 2 years. I would not recommend it. Driver and firmware issues, where i consistently had keys stop working for me, and the only solution to fix, was to unplug then replug the USB cable back in. No driver or firmware updates fixed the issue, and customer service was extremely unhelpful.


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I think I had read about those issues somewhere but I didn't know it was that severe, I'll definitely mark that one off the list then.

How about Saitek? I use to see these things on the shelves when I worked at Geek Squad @ Best Buy but NEVER used one nor did I ever (in my entire 5 years there) get any real feedback from anyone about them. Of course, my G15 was still in great shape then. :(


I've used both the Razer Lycosa Mirror Edition and the Razer Tarantula flawlessly for around two years now, never had a problem with either of them. I don't install the stuff on the CD, and have never had a problem. A lot of people get the problems from buggy firmware. I use several Razer products, and the only problem I've had with any of them was Razer Lachesis gave out on me.


Regardless of your bad experience with the G15, I still highly recommend it to anyone. I have been using one of as near as makes no difference, 3 years now and it is still holding up to it's reputation. As far as being a keyboard goes, I can't tell much difference, I even got over the little LCD prompter as it means you have to look down, which reduces the time your looking at the screen :p

On that note, what's Logitech's new keyboard called? The G110, or something like that. It's cheaper (At least in Australia), with the same keys and G-Keys, but it does away with the silly LCD prompter. I really like that one...


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If I could justify spending the money I would go ahead and get their new G19, lol.

Didn't think about avoiding the software for the Razer keyboards, I've just been use to taking advantage of the Logitech software (which has been slightly buggy) to tie in the LCD feature.