Ram and hd


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Well i play on my laptop and maybe its the summer but after a hour or so the hd and ram heat up pritty badly so yea im conserned becose it starts burning the hand becouse the hd is right under the left side where the wasd keys are and it gets anoying its not that bad but its hot as for the ram its in the middel of the laptop and the bottom side gets hot


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Im sure the program Riva Tuner is able to tell you what the highest temp different components reach. I feel sorry for you man. Luckily ASUS though of the heat when they made my laptop. They put the vent on the side of the laptop so the heat when away from my hands and keyboard. No matter how long i have it on the keyboard never heats up, the only heat that hits the top of my laptop is from my hands.


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Cant dont have the cash 2.0ghz 4 gigs ram 250 gb hd what other specs u need?
I need the laptop for school
What are the avrage temps for hd
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The only real replacement you can do is get a SSD drive for your HDD. It runs cooler by taking less energy, but thats about it. I mean you could take out a stick of RAM, but who wants less RAM :D. Oh I forgot, you could get a replacement heatsink from your manufacturer, but I think the cooling pad like Phobus and Soul said previously.