DoD:S July Newsletter

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July Newsletter

Divisional News

1) EdgeGamers Organization's 4th Anniversary is July 5th!!! :cool:

Thank you ALL for making eGO the BEST!

Also, Congrats to Jeod66 who was promoted to Division Leader! His name has been linked to his Profile for easy access to spam his inbox and wall! :p

2) Almost 100 new maps have been added to our Event Server!

3) DoD:S Realism Changes: Click This

4) Assassin Game Sign-up: Click This

5) DUST-Off Event :

Great Work Everybody! :p We put out an amazing effort to be in a 4-way tie for First Place!

6) Our servers have been doing well in terms of numbers but we could always use more admins/players! So get in the Servers! :p

7)Admin 101 Updated!

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Current Server Rankings

  • #4 24/7 =(eGO)= AVALANCHE NO BOTS! =HLstatsX=

  • #17 24/7 =(eGO)= DONNER NO BOTS! =HLstatsX=

  • #31 24/7 =(eGO)= FLASH NO BOTS ! =HLstatsX=

  • #35 24/7 =(eGO)= CHARLIE AKA STRAND NO BOTS!

  • #74 24/7 =(eGO)= KALT NO BOTS ! =HLstatsX=

  • #248 24/7 =(eGO)= SNIPER SERVER! 1 Shot Kill

  • #397 24/7 =(eGO)= COLMAR -INSTANT RESPAWN

Event News

Here's our plan for the month of July:

Kalt Assault: Sunday, 8PM EST, Kalt Server - Assaults and Supports only on Kalt. We need people to come for this one; attendance has been spotty as of late.

Monday Melee Madness: Monday, 10PM EST, Events Server - Fists, shovels, and knives only; select your weapon of choice and come to Fight Club!

Quick-Draw Night: Tuesday, 9PM EST, Events Server - Pistols only, on a specially chosen map. Depending on the number of players that attend, we will be giving out up to three of the DoD:S Gunslinger achievements to the players with the highest numbers of kills during the event. (If you won a 2nd/3rd in the past and score higher, we'll upgrade your award).

Wild Card Night: Thursday, 10PM EST, Events Server - This event can be ANYTHING at all; please check out the DoD General forum for the weekly poll. If you have an event you would like to see in the poll/be considered, either PM an advisor or post in the Drop Box.

Realism Night: Saturday, 9PM EST, Events Server -The weekly DoD realism event.

As always, please join us in Ventrilo in order to get the event password; it will be posted there. We also have the Saint achievement to hand out; we're looking for players that consistently attend our events, so join us if you want a chance at the award!

Also....remember to join our Steam group in order to receive special DoD-related announcements and event information!


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Notable Award Recipients


DoD Achievements

(DoD:S Draft Card)

Thank you for recruiting new members into DoD:S!

  • Baen
  • BG(Warrior)
  • BlackBird.
  • Blindy
  • Blue Kaoz
  • BrianVic
  • Canadian Invader
  • CopperAle
  • D_Day
  • Ecliptikz
  • Erich
  • inquisition
  • Ishanku34
  • Ledzo
  • lungbuster4417
  • Mr.Wizard
  • Old Monkei
  • ShadowBlade72
  • Skipper Finny
  • Skippy

Team News

Admin Trainers

We are working to schedule classes, but coordinating everything in the middle of summer is always hard. If there are classes scheduled, please try to sign up for them when possible rather than "hold out for the perfect time" and request others, because 9 times out of 10, the first response (historically) will be "Here's a class for this week _____ ". We try to schedule around events (hence why Wednesdays work well for me in particular), and weekends are very difficult, in general. Please note: When using the "Request Training" subforum, please do not call out specific days and times (example: "July 12, 5:30 PM EST"); the focus is on group training rather than giving everyone an individual class. At the time, we're looking into trying to set up a Euro Admin 101 class as well, so look forward to that. There will be a post in the Admin School forum when it is set up. Thanks!

eGO DoD:S Steam Group

EdgeGamers™ Day of Defeat: Source Steam Group

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eGO DoD:S Recruiting Steam Group

EdgeGamers™ Day of Defeat: Source Recruiting Steam Group

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**If you need an invite to the Recruiting group, PM KILLERxDEBO**

Thanks everyone! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have!
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2007 was a great year.
Cool stuff. We need to get Kalt higher!! :D

Also, I actually never paid attention to the gun classes and now that I understand Kalt Assault and I am off Sundays/Monday morning and so long as nothing is on that evening, I will be in attendance starting this weekend :D

Sounds fun.


2007 was a great year.
Grats to all promos. and it seems theres is more ePaper... Legend has to get back to work! XD
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