WARNING about FPSbanana

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Its been posted twice now, did we really need it a third time?

I went in the site, it's fine


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Im sorry if it wasnt approriate.

I only really read forums in the DoD section. So I just thought there would be people like me that would like to know, that wouldn't have known otherwise. Anyway, looks like its fine according to shadow. Sorry everyone if this was a useless thread



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guys - there is no reason to badmouth a site that has been good for years. it may have been a false positive, or maybe it was a virus on a single download. either way, the scare is over - several people have tested the site this evening and everything looks clean. Please just use good browsing sense...have an up-to-date virus scanner AND spyware/malware blocker running, only download stuff you are sure is safe, and in general just be careful!!

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