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2007 was a great year.
This thread is just to show you that alot of people miss the blantently obvious.

click Here this link is soo awesome :) i got 3/4 changes on the last 1. :)

and dont cheat by reading what it says watch then do and post your opinions :)


Don't read this untill you take the test.

At first thought, I was pondering how anyone could miss something as simple as a gorrila walking through the middle of the screen. Then I finished watching the video.
I completely missed the curtain changing color and the girl leaving.


2007 was a great year.
I just found the gorilla walking through hilarious. I noticed after it started thumping it's chest...


2007 was a great year.
Seen one of these kind of things before, but I didn't expect the gorilla. I got the passes right both times, saw the gorilla both times, and saw the curtain change color. Didn't see the person leave, but I was suspicious of it.


I need to go outside
i noticed right away, its not hard to notice a gorilla and people in white passing the ball