is anyone good with bikes?


hey guys i was looking at a new bike. and i was looking at 2 bikes to compare. one is diamond back WildWood Classic & the other is the Wildwood Citi-classic.(yes its spelled citi) so if u guys could help i can give u guys the specs.


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I'm pretty decent with bmx bikes! Bmx Bikes correct? If your gonna buy a bike online & gear. I Would recommend this site called Dan's Comp. My brother built a bike there, and i used to buy gear there, and now i increased to a 850$ Custom BMX bike. But if you wanna pick one upp quickly, and have someone to talk to about the bike your looking at. Go to a local bmx store. But yes about the diamond back. That brand is pretty good!

If it's mountain bikes i have no clue at all, and if it's bmx bikes. i hope i helped xD!!