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First off, I wanna give a big thanks to Cullman and Nader, neither of which I have talked to for a very long time. Without having met them, I wouldn't even be here. So once again a big thanks to them. Now almost 2 years later my initial goal has been reached: I have reached a 1,000 post count. Although its been delayed since I went dormant for a few months, I'm still very happy. So this thread counts as me 1,001st post and now I will have bounties on these people for 1k Casino Cash.

In order of sanity:
Frisky Dingo
Sonata Artica
Nasty Nate
Toilet Pastries

EDIT: Seems like Darth and Lava seem to have lost their sanity also

And as a bonus, I will give 3k CC to anyone who posts a domination of our newly promoted Advisor, NCA.

Rules are:
1. Must be dominated AFTER the posting of this thread
2. Must have a screenshot of the kill AND the scoreboard
3. If you rack up more than one at once it will be doubled(So if you dominate Kevimaster and Newb both at once you will get 4k instead of 2k, if you dominate Mobilize along with them at once you will get 6k instead of 3k)
4. You must suicide over their body(by using the explode command only)
5. You must also have an SS of you saying hi to them when you or they join the server
6. If you dominate these players while they are idling, you get an additional 5k CC
7. You may only dominate these players on the ValveMaps server or any idling server
8. If I am on the server while this domination occurs, I will add an additional 2k CC
9. You may only take a bounty on all of these players, but may only take a bounty for each one ONCE, dominate one of these players more than once and you will just gain increased bragging rights
10. NO DEAL DOMINATIONS(You dominate me, I dominate you, we both get cash, or I'll give you 10k cc to let me dominate you)
11. You must dedicate a song(from Youtube) to them. Be nice about it or you won't get anything

Happy hunting!

For those who want a simple version

Dominate someone from the list on Valvemaps server = $$
More than one at once = $$x2
If I'm there = $$ +$2000
If they idling = $$ +$5000
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Is that from most sane to least sane or vice versa? Can't really tell as none of them are really sane.

Also, I will throw in all my casino cash if you manage to dominate me.....in Lorderbands. The only ones that have managed to do this so far are xosniper, Interception, and Jurgs, though not necessarily in that order.
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IM not crazy... YES YOU ARE... NOOOO stop talking to me.....but im you.... AHHHHHHHHHH /whimper


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if by sane you mean difficulty, I'm either extremely offended or extremely pleased.

If by sane you mean sanity, I don't even know what I think. I'd say I'm pretty sane, but I'm sure there are those who disagree with me.

In addition, I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell. I know, right now, you can't tell.

Also; I'm pretty sure nobody is going to remember all of the conditions to actually claim this sucker; so I'm not going to turn any doms in. However, I invite everyone else to try to dominate me :p