In-Game Lag


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So lately I've been complaining about my internet being laggy.

In CoD I've been getting 3 bars all the time.
In BC2 I have about 150 ping and a delayed reaction when I knife doors for it to blow up.

Is there anyway to fix this, if not I'll definitely be getting a new ISP because Qwest is terrible.

Here's my Ping Test as well, but it doesn't seem to be running that well.

Do any of you have suggestions on a better ISP, or any ways to fix this?



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What don't you like about Qwest?
Did you get fiber optics? They're much better than the hub-controlled (or whatever) way that was before fiber.
That would do great.
And I'm sure a network guy in here could help you out. Might have something to do with port-forwarding, I have no idea. lol


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Everyone in my neighborhood uses Qwest, or mostly everyone, uses it which takes up most of the bandwidth... And yes I do have fiber optics.


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Where are you geographically located? Mid-west? Where are the servers you're connecting to? For distances less than 50 miles you should really expect to see slightly lower ping result, but your result is really not that high and definitely in the normal operating range.

Do you notice any difference during the night and day, like is your ping higher or lower during either period of time? This would indicate a congestion problem.

Have you tried power cycling your router/modem? As with all machines, sometimes a reboot does the trick. If you know how to reconfigure it, perhaps try hard-resetting your router to restore factory defaults.

Ping an eastern- and western-seaboard IP address and tell me what you're getting for ping results (in ms). Try pinging:

You're not behind any proxies or anything that send data through other machines? The ping test would indicate no, but just want to check that you don't change anything when you game.


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Go ahead and do a tracert to the servers IP address your playing.

windows key+r>>cmd>>tracert ipaddress.

Is it a constant lag, or spikes? Wireless or wired connection? FiOS is supposed to have almost unlimited bandwidth.

You can google what ports need to be open for their respective games as well. Might help. Sorry just throwing out some ideas.


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I'm in Colorado, and around Midnight my ping can get better, but not much. In BFBC2 in eGO servers I get around 150 ping in terms of ms. I've tried rebooting my modem and router, but that didn't help.

*Edit* And yes it's a constant lag. It doesn't get better.


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What happens if you plug the modem directly into your machine, bypassing the router? If it's a port or router issue that should ignore that, is your ping still high?

It's beginning to sound more like congestion on the line. Have you run a different line quality test, like the one found here?