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I want to remind you all that:

Insurgency is a free half-life2 mod

You can Install it when you want if you own Counter-Strike:Source / Day Of Defeat:Source / Half Life 2

Go and get it , Insurgency is the best game ever!!!

Thanks for the read.
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HAHAHAHAH. DOD:s is the Best, and everyone knows that. :)
So true, the most people just havnt discovered that yet:p

I dont like INS tho, becaus..... why play a non-realistic war map like DUST2, in a realistic game. Go CS:S if you wanna play Dust2. Otherwise just choose big cool maps for INS. They should just delete Dust2, infortunally many people like it, and i still dont know why:p


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Guys , this wasn't a thread to know witch game was the best.
Im 'just saying that Insurgency , as a reminder, is a free game and that it is free!


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Yes, for a free mod it is fun, but you will more or less revert to the original game(s) which were required to run it in the first place :p

On that note, BAD COMPANY2 IS THE BESTEREST game :p


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All of the games eGO supports are great. And what's even better? The fact that you can switch across eight different games and still be part of one community. (Not counting all the "unofficial) games!)
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