DoD:S Realism Campaign #1


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<div style="width: 500px; text-align: center" align="center">The Day of Defeat Source division will be holding its first ever Realism Campaign later this month.

Registration is NOW OPEN for Campaign #1 and closes Saturday July 17th!

Click on the Following Link for Campaign Details:


And this Link for Registration:


Brief Overview:

This event/tournament will be run in campaigns (4 week durations). In the campaign, each army will be fighting for specific territories where a specific map is assigned. As they battle for the territory, they will win bidding points. Certain territories will require more bidding points for an army to attack. At the completion of the 4 week campaign, the army with the most territories will win the campaign.

If you have questions please
direct them to the campaign coordinators:</div>

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The whole news post looks great, but I love that Tournament Admin graphic!

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Too late

Is it too late to join in the realism....

In game name : TSgt Maverick

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never did realism competition

probably not the place to post this since registration is closed but hoped I could be added or place on waiting list if someone else drops out I can get in on this deal.