Lord of the rings online


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Idk i joined the beta. You can go into the beta on fileplanet.com and look for the betas tab then u can participate in the beta FOR FREE.

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...um....you have to be invited to the beta. You sign up and they email you if you are selected... The game goes F2P in a few months.


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I'm playing in the closed beta server until f2p goes live this fall :D But it is very addicting for sure! I love it!!!


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This game was awesome when I played the beta, (I'm a founder), and I subscribed for a few months but quit for some reason, I always play the free weekends though. Tarindor on Brandywine.


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Yup. Paradox is right. I have a Fileplanet account, not a paying sub, and got a beta key no problem.

I got 30 days free on the P2P game since a buddy of mine had an extra Mines of Moria key so I just resubbed, but all my chars are on Landroval. =\

That's always how it works out it seems...

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2007 was a great year.
Ya ive been had a sub for a while. Really think the F2P will so aot of good.

i think Brandywine has been temporarily closed so no more characters can be made on the server...or it may just be character transfers...hmmm cant remember.