They changed TF2!!!


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That's sooooort of what happened.

Except there was also a Sniper/Spy update which was one of the most epic in TF2 history.


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That was an awesome episode, and it does indeed fit. That's ok though; I'll be in the crowd steamrolling Lisa. She's just jealous because she's played for so long and she hasn't gotten a single hat drop.


Forgetting about that the sandvich has now a cool down, yeah, hats kinda screwed the game, since tf2 players are like "idle, get hats, show other people how cool i am because i have an awesome hat and they only got hatless ones and a gibus, idle more, play 15 mins on a random server just to show my hats, keep idling, and then stop playing tf2 because they discovered the fact that hats are pointless". Anyway, tf2 keeps being awesome.


Haha, I think the hat updates are cool. I hope the next big updates are more class weapon upgrades, so that it adds more depth and choice to the game :D