soemthing is wrong with my css after update


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the game loads up and everything then when i go to join a server it takes forever then it comes up with the following message:

The instruction at "0x1226a44" referenced memory at ":0x0c3f8998". the memory could not be "read"

what do i do?


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did you try deleting your clientregistry.blob file in your steam directory? it will clear your steam config, and verify your game files. It takes about 10 minutes, whenever I have had any problems I do this and it usually fixes it.

If that doesnt work try to uninstall and reinstall steam.


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ok i tried deleting the file but i didnt work. if i uninstall steam i wont lose my games will i?

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Re-install might be the way. If the problem returns, visit the Tech Help. Theres a possibility something wrong with your computer


I have had problems with the maps before but just delete the maps and reinstall all or you can reinstall CSS.


I'm having issues with looping sound crashes. I'll be able to play fine for a bit, then it'll give me a loop crash that I can usually alt+tab out of and get back into game. But these crashes will increase in frequency until the game ultimately crashes solid and I'm forced a reboot. I've checked with the support help with valve and nothing they really give me works.

Win 7 Pro 32bit OS
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 2.01ghz
2 gigs corsair ram
Nvidia 7800GS

I use onboard sound, all drivers are up to date, I just did spyware/malware/virus scans. I'm not using an antivirus that'd hog pagedpool memory. And I don't think my pc is overheating, as a precaution I have both sides of my case off with a small house fan blowing on it.

I've turned down everything in the game visually and audio, and it still crashes. Might be time for a new pc, but that'll have to wait a few months. CSS has always worked fine, up until the orange box update. I've had problems with l4d and l4d2 and tf2 with these crashes, so I stopped playing them and just went back to this.

Any ideas?


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thanks i found a post with the same problem that i gonna try those suggestions when i get a chance....thanks