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Hey fellas,

Its time for one of Stormy's usual rants. But on the bright side this rant will be informative and possibly even earn you reputation among certain circles. Every day i hear people saying they are out of "clips" for their BAR or Thompson, heck even their MG42. Its time to properly define what a clip is and what a magazine is.

Magazines- are box-type containers that feed ammunition directly into the chamber of a gun.

Clips- are devices meant to feed ammunition into a magazine or hold ammunition inside of a magazine.

I have prepared a list of the feeding devices or methods for all the axis and allied weapons for your quick reference.


K98- Clip (stripper clip)
K98 (scoped)- Individually fed ammunition
MP40- Magazine
STG- Magazine
Panzeschrek- Rocket
c96- Magazine
MG42- Belt fed
p38- Magazine


M1 Garand- Clip
Springfield- Individually fed ammunition
Thompson- Magazine
BAR- Magazine
Rocket- Rocket
M1 Carbine- Magazine
30cal- Belt fed
1911- Magazine

Anyways the only two weapons in DoD you could possibly be out of clips for or need more clips for are the K98 and the Garand. I hope this clears things up. Just in case i found a six minute video explaining this topic in detail.

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Thank you Stormy, this is something that drives me nuts as well. People at the range during training used to mistake the two and when they did they caught hell for it. Thanks for this post, it made my day.


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the people who call them incorrectly are usually people who have
A. Never shot a real weapon in there life for.
B. Are Just Not very smart lol.
C. Are not in Any Service to there country which uses different Weapons :)


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indeed, a machine guns ammo is belt fed -

anything that is fed by a removeable box is magazine fed....
anything in strip for, such as the Garand is clip fed.

differences.... a magazine fed weapon can be reloaded simply by dropping the expended magazine and installing a full magazine in its place...

a clip fed weapon was not easily reloaded as the clip was top fed into its NON-removeable magazine and could not be ejected unless the bolt was held to the rear or the clip was empty of all ammunition at which point the strip(clip) was self-ejected.


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Now what of the many Bolt action rifles I use for hunting? They're INDIVIDUALLY FED into an INTERNAL MAGAZINE. As the video said. So which is it?

But in all seriousness, I get where your coming from. Nice rant topic, sometimes I get confused with the two, due to hearing the mistaking way of saying the two.
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take a 30-30 --- it is a tube fed rifle.... though non-removeable, it is considered a magazine

also, a Magazine is known to be a building of sorts or an area on a ship where the bulk of ammunition is stored.


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If you want to get caught up in the semantics let's start with something basic.

My father was in the field artillery. He taught me the difference between a rifle and a gun. To him the idea that a single person could carry a "gun" and shoot it was ridiculous. Guns were broken down into pieces and carried by mules or pulled behind a vehicle. He did teach me a little poem about it though.

This is my rifle,
This is my gun,
This is for work,
and this is for fun.

Provide your own hand gestures. Apparently some guns are found behind zippers.


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Ive heard it called both but for some reason i went with chain (before my edit). To me its more descriptive of the self disintegrating links.
northerner here, definitely heard "belt" being used more, think the movies prefer it too. Google image search results for "machine gun chain" vs "machine gun belt" definitely favor the belt.

Right on the mark Quaffer, DS made us do push-ups if we called our M16 a gun, or if it wasn't clean, or if he felt like it.... :crying: