Free CUSTOM Mousepad! All you need is a facebook.


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Click that link than follow these instructions!

1. Do all that you need to do and remember to suggest to your friends on facebook.
2. After doing so copy your coupon code!!!
3. You will get to choose which mousepad you want, than design it.
4. Add to cart and go through all the steps you need to do, and you must make an account.
5. When filling out your info, to the right of your screen there is a spot for your code.
6. Watch as it magically takes the shipping cost and the cost of the mousepad.

This is not a scam, I just got mine and here is what it looks like.


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Wonder what the quality of them is like. Probably wouldn't actually use it if I did get one. I am currently using a steelseries cloth mouse pad, and these are rubber which I dislike compared to cloth. Still pretty cool though.
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