Free MOH Key Giveaways!


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Hello I found a way to get MOH Beta Keys for FREE!!!

1) Go to

2) select which region your currently in. If you havn't you MUST sign up for the website in order to get the keys ( if you havn't you'll be directed to the login/sign up page.)

3) After doing so you should be on a page that gives you your beta key. Furthur instructions on how to activate and download the client are on there.

NOTE: You can get the client from

2nd Note: The key you get on is NOT the actual beta key. you press "Download Game" on that page, you'll be redirected to the EA login then put that key into the proper field THEN you get your beta key.

EDIT: You'll also need a EA account.

UPDATE: The European Keys Ethier Ran out Or The giveaway ended FOR EUROPE ONLY. North America still has 2 more days SO get your keys!

Hurry! This Beta Key Giveaway Will Last Untill the 18th!
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No, the site is hosting a beta key giveaway. Its not illegal. So get the key, download and play when the beta is released.

Just played it, its FREAKING AWESOME! I dont think im gonna pre-order though or even buy it. Im just gonna enjoy the beta.
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Dude, this is legit!!! Thanks sooo much!!!! You guys better hurry and get the keys though, cuz its like 80 %.
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I rather play this than BC2. Gun play is not as sluggish imo. Awesome find I got 12 people to sign up for one :)


I don't know how you found something like but THANK YOU! I signed up for a beta key like 2 weeks ago and haven't been selected from EA yet and I really want to get this game because I have a strong feeling Black Ops is going to suck just as much as MW2, and I love the MoH series.

I got it for PS3 because my computer can barely run DoD:S. PSN: jRent2011 Add me if you want to try this out together or play BC2, just tell me what your eGO name is when you add me so I know.


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Ya i use curse for world of warcraft add-ons its a great site if you need/want any. If you need a UI addon i suggest Spartan UI.

Anyways Have fun with the beta!


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I got an email about a week ago that said I was selected for the beta and I needed to redeem a redemption code. Honestly I thought this was a gimmick and that everyone got a code, so it's somewhat closed then?



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Thanks dude i used the one from filefront (in a different post) for the PC and then i wanted it for PS3. I could only get one code but now i can get it for my PS3 thanks dude!!!