Kaspersky Internet Security


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Has anyone ever heard of Kaspersky Internet Security.

Is it legit?

I heard it was good from some people was just looking around.


Meh, its alright but I will recommend Nod32, but there's also a few out there I will recommend checking out before going with Nod32 or KasperSky. KasperSky is alright but I had problems uninstalling it afterwards.


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so far its the best i've had. i had internet security 09 and now i have antivirus 10' b/c they were sold out of internet security. I would def. get it. Dont trust free anti virus programs


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It will get the job done, but unless you torrent gigabyte upon gigabytes of stuff/look at "stuff" any good anti-virus will do


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Kaspersky is a good antivirus. It's on the top 10 list of best antivirus.

I personally use McAfee Beta, but Microsoft Security Essentials is also scoring very highly, even toping most of the paid anti-virus programs.


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I use it and I really like it as it is one of the best antivirus programs.
It's in my mind really useful and handy also if you don't understand very much about computers it's one of the best you can use


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Avast has never failed me, i've tryed avg, norton, and kaspersky. But imo Avast has won my heart xD


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We use Kaspersky at work and I hate it. But my complaints are with the way it is configured by our corporate I.T. (/me glares at Respawn). I constantly have to work around it or temporarily disable whenever I work on someone's laptop. However I cannot deny it's effectiveness. We have some 30+ laptops in the field that I'm certain are used for all sorts of extracurricular website browsing and I've yet to see a virus get past Kaspersky. Plus KAV engine is used by Check Point and Juniper Networks software.

I'm an Avast user at home; mostly because of all the frustration I get from Kasparsky at work. I suspect if you know what you are doing and don't throttle KAV to block just about anything it's far less aggravating than what I deal with. I say give it a shot. I think it's quite effective; but I like to leave work headaches at work.

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I heard plenty of things about Anti-Viruses and you know what I have KAV 2010 and I absolutly love it. But of course this is my opinion. Some say it's absolute crap but I think otherwise.

Key features:

Monitors Internet Traffic in real time
Full Heuristic analysis and in-deep scan

The thing I love the most about it, it scans everything in real-time so no worries about viruses and updates automatically every time there is an update but of course it takes a lot of ressources to do so but hey if you have a good CPU go for it or else you can just disable it. The interface is great lots of functions you can add to protect your computer ex: parental controls, Virtual Keyboard (Ex: entering your credit card # is now safe) etc.. and blabla..


-Doing a full scan can be long if you have a slow and old computer

Totally better than Norton if you can activate all the handy features but that's only if you have a good CPU and a decent amount of RAM.


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Kaspersky antivirus is good. This is a top 10 of the best antivirus. I personally use McAfees beta, but Microsoft Security Essentials is also marked very well, even on most antivirus programs paid.


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I use to sell products like Kaspersky, it is very legit. I would recommend it to anyone who knows how to use an Anti-Virus program correctly.


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Using Kaspersky at work to manage my client systems and file server, works quite well when configured properly. Use to sell the consumer version as well, and had happy customers as long as they were properly educated.

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I haven't used it as I have been happy with Avast! but I have heard nothing but good things about it, like the above posters.

I will however take this opportunity to remind you that you should only install Symantec Endpoint Protection (or Norton of any kind) if you enjoy going back in manually and removing nasty spyware and Vundo / Trojan infections manually.


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You know it's bad when a company (Symantec) has to release a removal tool for their own software considering the craptastic job of system protection it does in the first place. Some of their other products are great, but the AV is a different story.