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Hey Guys, I just recently switched to this division from CS:S. I was wondering if I could get some tips on how to play on here? As in which weapons are best to use, that kind of thing. Any help would be very appreciated. :p

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I recommend to visit the various classes offered by our advisors rtdriver and JonPaso. Just check the calendar (link on left navigation bar) to see the schedules. We've got bootcamp and advanced weapons class, which will most like answer this type of questions.
You could try to get an EC to setup the league server for you to get our training range map, that map is also used in mentioned classes :)

Oh, and welcome aboard, mate!


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Yea man you can go check out the weapons classes they are really good for learning this stuff! The first most important part of this game is learning the map my advice is go spectator mode in a server and just look around as people fight! See where half your team is dieing and then go and look at where the enemy is killing them from.Main objective is the capture points, figure out the best ways to get there and capture or defend them. each map is different in it's own way so every weapon has it's strong and weak point. If you need help on a specific map I can help you figure it out in ventrilo or in game man I'm very vocal that's the next big thing in this game as well man "using your mic and or team text is very extremely useful in this game! Any-who welcome to eGO!
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RtDrivers bootcamp and sunday school is where you need to go to learn, also try and use teamwork in the server, there are people that will help you out when your in there.


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bind !guns with this in console its very helpful!

"bind anykey guns"

(hint) its better to use !guns instead of reloading a shotgun


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Its even better to just ditch it and pistol whip the guy that survived the shotty. Honestly, don't get used to guns; it and its ugly cousin *guns2) might be on all the INS servers now, but its a bad habit to get into.


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Simplest advice first: On marine side, M4 or sniper-rifle. Stay away from things that go "BOOM!" because team kills can drop your score like a rock in a well. That mean RPG's and M203's. Grenades too...

Find cover and wait. This game doesn't reward assaults unless your very good.

Don't charge. When your good the odds are terrible. When your beginning....might as well just commit suicide.

Thats just the simple stuff....I'm sure there is alot more in depth advice....but do the simple stuff and also..."LEARN THE MAPS"


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Anyways guys, thank you! I will deffinently go check out Boot camp and use that advice, thanks guys.


nice oberst, and for a few weeks expect to get killed A LOT, and sometimes the kills will seem like bullshit, but pay attention to other people to learn good spots to defend and attack from and remember to be communicative on the mic it really helps when you point out where enemy position and your position when you move forward.