Free textures and 3d models for learning


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Hey guys, some of you guys know, Im a 3d modeler and a designer... and a cooker (yes), lol...
I have some tutorials in portuguese and a book coming where I teach Blender 3d.

So I've made a blog where I let ppl download some 3d files where they can use in 3d learning. Also I post there some free textures I create, so you, mappers, can use it freely. :) License at the post.
There I give you .OBJ .3DS .B3D and .BLEND, so you can open it on your 3d modeling software and do what ever you want.
With the 3d file, at the post there is a screenshot of the model and what you can do with it. So, for you guys that are starting ate 3d world, Its a good chance to get some free models under a greate license, very liberal and open.

Here is the link:
(pxxpx = pixel per pixel) :)

Thank for the attention and sorry for the off-topic :)