Firefox addons: A Prisoner416 series


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This series focuses on Firefox add-ons everyone should have. If you do not use Firefox or a derivative, this is not for you.

Still here? Good! Let's face it. We love Firefox because of how tweakable it is. Chances are if you ever thought, "Hey, I could use a browser that has/does X", there's an add-on that'll do just that waiting for you to find it.

Here's my list of handy add-ons that make the internet a nicer place to visit.

1. Long URL Please. Hooray! You're looking at videos on Youtube when you notice a comment. "If you enjoyed this, you'll love this one:". Wow, you think to yourself! A video about scouts and pancakes! What could go wrong? Click. :glare: Surprise, it's a rickroll. If only you could just see what it linked to right away! Well, with Long URL Please, shortened urls are automatically fixed to show where they REALLY go. Also, it supports 80 services including tinyurl. Never be fooled again! You can get it at

2. BarTab. I use a lot of tabs. So much that normally, starting Firefox gives me time to create cold fusion power. With BarTab, tabs only load if you click on them. So when you start a saved session of 50 tabs, only the most recent one loads until you click to view another one. Saves memory, saves time. Get it at

3. Checkplaces. You have a lot of bookmarks. How many of them still work? How many are duplicates? Time to clean the junk out with Checkplaces, which scans your bookmarks and displays which ones are invalid and which have duplicates, making it easy to delete the crap. Now you really have no excuse. Get it at

4. Ghostery. An excellent security add-on. Detects and allows you to disable many hidden ad trackers and scripts on web sites. Get it at

5. HTTPS Everywhere. For the security buff. Automatically switches many pages over to their secure versions, making your data less trackable or open to interception. Supports many sites such as Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, and more. Get it at

6. Lazarus. You've just finished copying, pasting, editing, and filling out a complex ban request form for your favorite eGO division. You breathe a sigh of relief. All that's left is to click the submit button and... NO! Server error! All your typing for nothing! Well, with Lazarus, those days are OVER! Lazarus automatically saves copies of forms as you type them in an encrypted format. Page error? No problem, go back, and have Lazarus replicate the whole thing. Be smart. Get it at

7. Skipscreen. The last thing I need when I want to download a file is having to fill out a capcha, wait a while, click a button, then finally get my file. Skipscreen automates most sites. It fills out capchas in seconds, clicks download links for you, letting you surf other sites while you wait. Get it at . You might want to disable Mediafire though, as they don't play nice with it all the time.

8. BetterPrivacy. Did you know Flash uses a special kind of cookie most browsers don't delete with the normal ones? BetterPrivacy will get rid of them for you when you exit Firefox. Get it at

9. Downthemall. Ever want to download a bunch of images or music from a single webpage without having to save them one by one? Downthemall is the answer. You can use presets to download music, images, documents, or create your own filters. Get it at

Coming soon:

Noscript, Colorful Tabs, FaviconizeTab, FlagFox, Flashblock, BugMeNot, Askforsanitize, AdBlockPlus, Linkification, GreaseMonkey, Speed Dial, Tineye, Smart Stop/Reload, TabMix Plus.
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2007 was a great year.
Adblock Plus should have been the first on the list :p

It blocks flash as well, and the pre-video Youtube Ads. (I get so tired of hearing people complaining about Youtube ads, when it's so simple to get rid of)


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Adblock Plus should have been the first on the list :p

It blocks flash as well, and the pre-video Youtube Ads. (I get so tired of hearing people complaining about Youtube ads, when it's so simple to get rid of)
Most people have it by now, I chose to focus on the lesser-known ones first.


Thats a nice list. Couple Ive never heard of that sound really good.

Yea, Adblock Plus is something I cant live without these days. Firebug is really good if you are a web developer, is extremely useful alot for me. Peers is also pretty good, shows google listings in your address bar.


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Adblock is a must, but what tends to go in as the number two add on for me is autopager. It will go and fetch the next set of pages on a forum - like this one, for instance - and let you quickly view a multipage thread.


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Pretty cool list! But abblock should definitely be on there!
Did not include in main list because A: Most people already use it or at least know about it, and B: AS far as I know, Edgegamers does not approve of it as it reduces ad revenue.


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Adblock is a must, but what tends to go as number two to Add to me is Autopage. He will seek the next series of pages on a forum. like this. for example, and you quickly view a thread several.