jail sever's...taking over majority?

Hey i've been eGO for almost a year now, and a admin for about 5 months or so maybe longer. and in all my time spent in eGO i've noticed a trend. A very high percentage of eG and eGO members spend alot of their time on the jail sever's leaving those severs stacked with admins and leaving the other severs on the way side, i can think of a handful of admins who play on the dust severs and the office severs, and alot of the time and it will be just be me being the only admin on a sever, or a differnt admin being the only one on. i just think that we need to break up where our admins are playing so we can have equal admin'ing throughout all of our severs.


I've only played Jail since joining eGO. I do get around to the other servers, but only every now and then.


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Play for fun first and admin second, meaning play on the server you have the most fun on and if something comes up admin it. And while this server appears to be jail, it's not a bad thing since jail has the most problems.
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Well like Renegade says, there's been a couple of moments when both jail servers are full and highschool for example has only around 10 people on it. And barely any admin. But the jail server need atleast one admin at all times to function properly and the other servers don't.


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All the servers always have admins all the time. If you need an admin pm one of us and we will help you. Unless it's 4-10 in the morning, then yeah I'm sleeping. But other then that we have euro admins too. And as Ramp said, play first admin second, if it's really that big of a deal and someone is being disruptive, feel free to pm an O, I'm on until about 5 a.m so yeah. :)


Renegade I can see where you are coming from. Back when, when I was a Jail and High school regular I used to see this is all the time. But Ninja is right just give someone a pm and I gurantee that within 5-10 minutes someone with come to the rescue. and use Vent you can ALWAYS get someone on vent to help you. Thats why we have Ventrillo~


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I noticed the same thing when i first joined eGO on office server where i was often alone or with a few other e's


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i agree , every server willl have their regular admins and attendees, but once in a while, some of us have lives . mmhm?


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soon we will have nothing but jail servers and they will later evolve into a mini games server with Ct's telling T's what mini game to play.

Other than that people have their favorite servers and not only that but jail needs a lot of admin work since there are a bunch of rules...not just the regular eGO rules. More than likely every admin plays on all of our servers every once and a while


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ORRRR. The idea can be brought up that we need to promote more Dust2 and Office regulars OR recruit the regular pubs so that they can better understand our code of conduct and follow the rules.

E.g. High school still yields many pubs, so many of these are regulars and so many of these abide by the rules, it's probably the cleanest CS:S eGO server.

Admin is a privilege. Not a burden. I don't think too many jail junkkies would appreciate it if they were assinged duties in Dust2. However, I think that most admins are more than willing to leave their game and help out if there is a problem. Maybe not designated admins but better communication, don't you think?


Hmmm. I think this is a pretty good thread renegade. It happens a lot that when i join Dust2 Office servers, there's no admin on and other players start whining and sometimes swearing.

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I agree with the poster, way to many Admins are playing Jail. We need much more regulars for Office and Dust2. For example, if i see 15 players or more on a server and I see no Admins on I'll take the time to join see how its going. But, almost every single time there is always a spammers/racist comments/vulgar language happening and it's a pain to have to keep switching between servers to do it, but its gotta be done.

I'm entirely up for helping find more regulars to help out. Maybe instead of more admins, find more community members to add you on steam friends that you know play in the servers regularly to report to you on people breaking the rules which isn't difficult. You (the admin) go in and deal with the problem then go back to your server. seems the best way with out making everyone an admin haha


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Hmmm. I think this is a pretty good thread renegade. It happens a lot that when i join Dust2 Office servers, there's no admin on and other players start whining and sometimes swearing.
please ask admins to join the server if this happens, we are more than willing to join other servers to make sure that the rules are enforced and to ensure good game play