The Leet World


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I just came across this CS:S comedy series on youtube called "The Leet World".
It's quite old so many of you may have seen it already, but I'm on episode 4 right now and I find these to be absolutely hilarious and well made.

Heres the trailer for you guys to check out, it's definitely worth watching imo.
It's a little mature though so be warned before you watch


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Lol. "Enemy Spotted..Enemy Spotted..Enemy Spotted... Affirmative. *kills teammate instead of enemy*

Hilarious. xD


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i just watched all of them, both season 1 and 2 and i must say its the best series ive ever seen on youtube. Well made and fun, im kinda sad its already over as i want to watch more! :D


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watched it twice already. gonna watch again soon XD

and also heard that they got an offer somewhere because of their works. so kudos on that :p